Schedule Release News: "updated 10 minutes ago" reports the new official release date for the 2014-2015 NFL schedule is Wednesday April 23rd, 8 PM EST!
---This morning, 04/21/2014, on NFL Network, they disclosed, the NFL Schedule will be released at an undisclosed time this week. As you know, the 2014 NFL schedule release date is no longer slotted for April 17th, 2014. Most sports media sources still show the initial reschedule date for the NFL 2014-2015 schedule release of April 22nd. Now it is clear it will likely be April 23rd or 24th! Additional NFL Schedule 2014-15 schedule change wiki details... on April 21st 2014 at 1 PM that Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio has been notified that the schedule release will be Wednesday or Thursday this week. NFL Network 2014 Schedule Release Special Planned For 8 PM EST. Breech reports that the NFL schedule release show will be moved to April 22nd. NFL sources confirm and the ESPN NFL Draft TV Special will air 8 PM EST on the evening of April 22nd 2014!, the NFL told PFT that the 2014 regular-season schedule was on target for a mid-April release. Mid-April comes Tuesday, technically.  And the schedule isn’t coming at all this week. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said earlier today on Twitter than the schedule won’t be released this week, with an homage (intended or otherwise) to Yogi Berra:  “We will announce when we will announce it.”
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